Town meeting looks different in 2021

Some area New Hampshire towns will hold their town meetings in the next few weeks, while others have delayed proceedings for a couple of months.
Town meeting has been delayed until Saturday, June 5 at 1 p.m. Bath votes on its officers from the floor.
The selectboard members have finalized a meeting warrant and will ask voters to approve a $1.3 million operating budget, a $103,000 backhoe for the highway department, and a $73,000 Dodge Road Bridge replacement. Most—$98,0000—of the highway equipment’s purchase price will be borrowed, but the bridge replacement would be paid entirely through capital reserve funds as proposed.
Benton will delay its annual town meeting until June 8. Benton has not signed its warning as of yet, according to selectboard chair William Darcy.
The annual school district meeting is usually held in conjunction with town meeting.