Scenic spot set for makeover

WAITS RIVER—One of the most photographed sites in Vermont is Pike Hill Road’s approach to the New Hope Methodist Church in Waits River. There are barns on either side of the road and in the foreground is a small bridge with wooden railings. New England photographer and blogger Jeff Folger calls it “an iconic location.” […]

Bail reform, Covid played role in stand closure

NORTH HAVERHILL—Why is there an inmate labor shortage on the Grafton County Farm? Last week’s story, “County farm turns to cover crops in 2021,” about the temporary closure of the Grafton County farm stand spurred questions about the lower numbers of incarcerated at the Grafton County House of Corrections. The lack of farm help started […]

Local vax rollout matches state rate

As Vermont reached an 80% vaccination rate, eligible residents of Bradford and surrounding communities are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at a pace comparable to the rest of the state. According to data from the Vermont Department of Health, Bradford’s vaccination rate was between 81 and 90%, as was the rate in Thetford. Fairlee’s vaccination rate […]

Embattled bridge inspires neighbors

THETFORD CENTER—The one-lane covered bridge over the Ompompanoosuc River on Tucker Hill Road was temporarily closed for several hours midday on June 17. But this time the closure was not due to damage caused by an oversized truck striking the wooden frame, an all-too common occurrence at the site. Instead, a throng of neighbors, Thetford […]

Photo of the Week

This familiar scene in Waits River could look different later this year as the bridge in the foreground undergoes repair work with metal guardrails set to replace the deteriorating wooden ones.