Eight arrested after break-ins

BRADFORD—Several area residents, including one facing federal weapons charges, were arrested last week after a series of break-ins and burglaries in Bradford over the last month. According to a news release from the Bradford Police Department, several search warrants were obtained as part of the investigation, including at least three carried out at the Bradford […]

Town Clerk to step down

COOKEVILLE—For the second year, moderator Gary Apfel welcomed attendees to an outdoor town meeting on May 17, held under a tent adjacent to the Town Hall in Cookeville. At 10, the morning was blustery and cool, prompting several people to move their chairs from the tent’s shade into the sun around the perimeter.

Police contract held up at town meeting

VERSHIRE—Town meeting was held in person on May 22 this year with David Hooke presiding as town moderator as he has for 25 years. An informational meeting on Saturday enjoyed a strong breeze while Sunday’s town meeting was hot for May, even under a striped tent behind the Town Center. The typical hot soup lunch, […]

Dental clinic plan approved

WELLS RIVER—The Little Rivers Health Care dental clinic plan was approved last Thursday by the Newbury Development Review Board. At the March 19 meeting, two members of the community voiced support for the plan. According to Andrew Barter, Little Rivers Chief Operating Officer, the former Jiffy Mart property purchased last year has undergone environmental assessments […]

Photo of the Week

A quartet of black bear cubs scramble around the boulders and surrounding rocky terrain in Piermont last week. The question is, where is Mama Bear? Probably not too far away.

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