Eight arrested after break-ins

BRADFORD—Several area residents, including one facing federal weapons charges, were arrested last week after a series of break-ins and burglaries in Bradford over the last month.
According to a news release from the Bradford Police Department, several search warrants were obtained as part of the investigation, including at least three carried out at the Bradford Motel. As a result of the searches, stolen property from the burglaries was recovered and several people are also now facing drug charges, including possession of heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Town Clerk to step down

COOKEVILLE—For the second year, moderator Gary Apfel welcomed attendees to an outdoor town meeting on May 17, held under a tent adjacent to the Town Hall in Cookeville. At 10, the morning was blustery and cool, prompting several people to move their chairs from the tent’s shade into the sun around the perimeter.

Police contract held up at town meeting

VERSHIRE—Town meeting was held in person on May 22 this year with David Hooke presiding as town moderator as he has for 25 years.
An informational meeting on Saturday enjoyed a strong breeze while Sunday’s town meeting was hot for May, even under a striped tent behind the Town Center. The typical hot soup lunch, appreciated in March, was absent. Sunday’s meeting instead cooled by Justin Will’s iced coffee.

Dental clinic plan approved

WELLS RIVER—The Little Rivers Health Care dental clinic plan was approved last Thursday by the Newbury Development Review Board.
At the March 19 meeting, two members of the community voiced support for the plan.
According to Andrew Barter, Little Rivers Chief Operating Officer, the former Jiffy Mart property purchased last year has undergone environmental assessments and soil samplings by Stone Environmental of Montpelier.

AG: Barre man stabbed himself

WOODSVILLE—Authorities say a 19-year-old man found dead inside a Woodsville business earlier this year killed himself with a knife.
The state’s chief medical examiner has found that Victor Maldonado of Barre died from self-inflicted stab wounds.
“Based on the investigation conducted into Mr. Maldonado’s death, he entered the business after-hours, and while inside alone in the business he acquired a knife and killed himself,” the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office stated in a news release on May 17. “His dead body was found by employees of the business when it reopened on the morning of Jan. 31.”

Bradford approves parking restrictions

BRADFORD—At the meeting on May 10, the Bradford Selectboard unanimously approved several changes to the town’s traffic ordinance, including new prohibitions on parking for a stretch of North Main Street.
The bans are effective November through April when parking on the southbound portion of North Main Street between the Bradford Congregational Church and the Wells River Savings Bank will be prohibited. Similarly, a ban will be in place on the northbound section of the roadway from 70 North Main Street to 130 North Main Street.

Dental clinic to go before DRB

WELLS RIVER—Little Rivers Health Care’s plan to redevelop a long-deserted gas station into a dental clinic will go before the Newbury Development Review Board this week.
The DRB will hold a hearing on May 19 at 5 p.m. in the congregational church vestry in Newbury Village.

Bradford, Newbury approve school budget

BRADFORD—Bradford and Newbury voters gathered outside in perfect weather on May 12 and approved the $17,494,601 budget at the Oxbow Unified Union School District’s Annual Meeting.
The approval came with a vote of 60 to 10. Education spending next year will be $18,781 per equalized student, a 4.1% increase over the current year.
There was not much discussion on this big-ticket item since many questions had been addressed in an informational meeting the previous night.

Woodsville funding gets rejected

HAVERHILL—The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has invalidated two articles approved by voters at town meeting in Haverhill in March.
At town meeting on March 16, voters narrowly approved two petitioned articles—27 and 28—that provided funding for Woodsville Precinct. The former provided $298,630 for the precinct highway department and the latter provided $146,974 for the precinct’s fire department.

Groton set for revote

GROTON—After Groton voters spurned (132-106) the general fund budget at town meeting on March 1, selectboard members have revised the budget, decreasing it by $22,275.
A special revote will be by Australian ballot on May 25 in the Community Building from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. An informational meeting will be held in the same building on May 23 at 6 p.m.