Class project raises funds for clean water

WAITS RIVER—What began as a library class research project, three 6th grade students took several steps further.
The project asked students to select one of many global issues to study: food insecurity; human trafficking; natural disasters; and others. Kobin Ellsworth, Aiden Otterman, and Gabbi Snider chose to research access to clean water.
Finding clean drinking water in Vermont is usually not a problem. But around the world, there are entire communities that cannot reliably access clean water, which, in turn, has a devastating effect on the health, nutrition, agriculture, and education within these communities.
As part of their study, the group learned about the Water Project, an initiative that provides access to safe water across subSaharan Africa. For the Water Project, much of its work means building and improving supply chains, learning from trends, and keeping the water flowing in communities to build trust and resilience.