Ahead of mine cleanup, bats, roads weigh on minds

CORINTH—As Corinth prepares for the Environmental Protection Agency’s cleanup of the Pike Hill Mine site, slated to begin in 2024, opinions among town residents range from firmly opposed to cautiously optimistic about the estimated $18 million project.
Designated a Superfund site in July 2004, meaning it was deemed to be among the most hazardous polluted areas in the country, the site consists of three abandoned copper mines—Eureka, Union, and Smith—that operated from 1853 to 1919. Subsequently, raw ore was occasionally transported for processing to the Elizabeth Mine in Strafford, which operated until the early 1950s.

Haverhill to consider public safety building

WOODSVILLE—The Haverhill Selectboard formally voted on Aug. 15 to support the planning of a new public safety facility to house the town’s fire and police departments in the future.
The vote was unanimous. In discussion prior to the vote, board members described the measure as preliminary, intended only to endorse the planning process, and broad.

Subdivision wants town to care for road

PIERMONT—Highview Meadows residents have asked the selectboard to take responsibility for maintenance of the lone roadway serving the neighborhood.
The subdivision overlooks the Connecticut River just below the village. Highview Meadows Lane is currently a private road that intersects Route 10 across from the South Lawn Cemetery.

Orford exploring new town building

ORFORD—Looking to the future, the Orford Selectboard is exploring the acquisition of an existing office complex to house a community center, consolidated library, and, potentially, municipal offices.
At the March 15 town meeting, voters authorized the selectboard to start work on a purchase and sale agreement for 14 acres near Route 25A and Townshed Road. This property was to provide additional sand to the town, but selectboard members said the site could be used for other future uses like a new municipal complex.

Drought puts pressure on water system

NEWBURY—“We’re at the mercy of the water table,” Jeff McKelvey, water commissioner for the Village of Newbury, said this week.
A shrinking water table has ushered in outdoor water use restrictions for the 170 households connected to the system.
The low water table is the result of low snowpack, early spring melt, and below-normal precipitation.

Suit filed in alleged assault

NORTH HAVERHILL—Two former inmates who accused a Grafton County Corrections Officer of sexual assault have filed suit against Grafton County and the former guard.
In March, Max Fournier, 24, of East Ryegate was indicted on three counts of aggravated sexual assault of one woman and one count of sexual assault of a second woman at the Grafton County House of Corrections in 2019.

Proposed storage units rejected

BRADFORD—The Bradford Planning Commission has rejected an application by a Nevada company to build 40,000 square feet of self-storage units on a vacant parcel on the Lower Plain adjacent to existing units.
It is the second time in the last two years that a proposed development on the property failed to clear a regulatory hurdle.

Six decades of giving back to community by Vershire couple

VERSHIRE—Never mind the sweltering heat, Lorna Garrow was not deterred. Darting out the back door, she asked, “You want to see my quilting studio?”
“This used to be my barn for Uno, my horse. But now it’s where I do my quilting.” Age is not slowing 85-year-old Lorna down one bit.
Lorna and Steve Garrow of Vershire will celebrate three special occasions later this month and raise some money for a beloved cause in the process.

Fire was just latest flare in simmering dispute

WELLS RIVER—More than two weeks after a fire devastated an historic school building, it remains to be seen whether the old school will ever be restored. But it is clear that there are a lot of hurdles to overcome.
The flames which burned in the historic schoolhouse in Wells River on July 18 may be symbolic of a smoldering, what some might call, hostility between Lisa Stepancic, the building’s owner and the broader village community.

Piermont man faces kidnapping charge

NORTH HAVERHILL—A Piermont man is facing kidnapping, assault, and weapons charges as a result of an incident in May at his Knapp Road home.
The Grafton Cou