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July 18, 2018 top stories
WMUR absence
leaves locals baffled

HAVERHILL—For the last few months, Haverhill and Piermont subscribers to Spectrum TV have been unable to watch WMUR, New Hampshire’s largest local news station.
ABC has many affiliates across the country. In March 2018, Charter Communications elected to remove WMUR, an ABC-affiliated news channel broadcasting out of Manchester and one of only two local news stations based in New Hampshire, from their list of carried channels on Spectrum TV in Haverhill and Piermont.
Under the Communications and Copyrights Act, stations have the right to mandatory carriage on cable networks within a media market or designated marketing area. But Grafton County is not part of the Manchester DMA. It is instead part of the Burlington-Plattsburgh DMA, so WMUR does not have the right to request mandatory carriage in Grafton County.

Board getting
ATV complaints

NEWBURY—Newbury town officials say they are receiving complaints about ATVs and have communicated their concerns with state police.
At the selectboard meeting on July 11, board members spoke with Vermont State Police about the problems. Selectboard chair Alma Roystan explained that the board has had many complaints about ATV travel and the ensuing wear and damage to town roads. Roystan clarified at the meeting that the town does have an ATV ordinance, but the trouble lies with how to identify those who violate the ordinance.
Vermont State Police Sgt. Matthew Tarricone attended last week’s meeting to speak about VSP’s role in enforcing ATV laws and regulations on public roads and to advise town leaders on the best way to handle the issue.

This week's featured photo
From Vietnam to the Upper Valley, memoir explores a woman’s life

THETFORD CENTER—With a little help from her friends, a Thetford Center woman has written a memoir recounting her time in war-torn Vietnam and falling in love with an American journalist.
“Bend the Willow” by Le Lieu Browne was released in May after friends in Bradford and Newbury spent the last year helping her with her first book.
Linda Laundry a retired reading teacher from Bradford, and Browne met about five years ago through the plein air painting group they participate in.
But it was only last year that Browne began sharing stories with Laundry about her life.

RA bike trip crosses borders

ORFORD—To Quebec City and back by bike! On July 1, jubilant relatives, friends, and pets gathered in the Rivendell Academy parking lot. They were there to welcome home Rivendell’s intrepid team of 16 bikers with homemade signs, ice cream, cheers, open arms, and ice cream.
Seven teachers and nine students from all four classes at Rivendell Academy had a similar sendoff 13 days earlier when they set out on the approximately 650-mile trek they had been preparing for since February.
The trip was the brainstorm of Story Graves, a special educator who had gone on similar trips with students where she taught before coming to Rivendell three years ago.
“This was an incredibly positive experience for everybody,” said Graves, who marveled at how well the group of 16 people got along over 13 days.

There was plenty of activity on Plateau Acres last week as construction of the Margaret Pratt Community assisted living facility continued. Pictured is a crane hoisting a module before it is secured into place on July 11. Daniel J. Hassan, President and CEO of Grand Senior Living, stated that a total of 48 modules (pre-constructed rooms) were manufactured in Quebec before being shipped to Bradford, where they are assembled into the completed building. Contractors used a vacant lot next to the park and ride to temporarily store the modules before they were transported on flatbeds one at a time up Plateau Acres Road. When construction is complete, the building will be comprised of 32 apartments featuring both assisted living and memory care wings. This new facility is owned by Enhanced Living Inc., a local nonprofit working on the project for 15 years since Brookside Nursing Home left town and its former site was converted into Valley Vista. The facility expects to open its doors on Dec. 15.
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